Top 5 Nature Shows for Netflix and Chill

When you’re with friends, it’s okay to play the TV show or movie loudly in order to get the full effects, but when you’re in the midst of a good ol’ Netflix and chill, distractions are the last thing you want. Part of the whole ‘Netflix and chill’ bit is actually watching something on Netflix, so you do need to have something on, although the content itself isn’t something you need to get down perfectly.

To be honest with you kids, nature shows will do the trick just fine; they’re shows, so that’s scratched off the list, and they’re not distracting, but they also serve as decent entertainment. No need to find a suitable movie that could potentially serve as a distraction when you’ve got a list of the top 5 nature shows to Netflix and chill, conveniently located below.

1 – “Planet Earth: Mountains”

As far as nature shows go, Planet Earth is the cream of the crop, and this episode in particular is one of the best to Netflix and chill to, as it’s beautiful mountains make for great viewing, although it’s totally fine if you miss ever minute of it. The mountains haven’t really gone anywhere, and none of them have any vacation plans as far as I know; you wouldn’t be missing much that you could easily catch up on later.

If you haven’t quite reached the ‘chilling’ part yet, the Mountains episode is interesting to watch and is full of jaw-dropping visuals, especially if you’re not sober, if you catch my drift. The people at Planet Earth never disappoint, and this is Exhibit A.

2 – “Planet Earth: Jungle”

This Planet Earth classic is another great show that’s seemingly created solely for those who are trying to Netflix and chill. David Attenborough is on point with the narration as usual, and his relaxing British accent spoken in hushed tones helps set the right mood every time.

All of the interesting animals and foliage make for an entertaining episode, and given that these are all an hour long, it gives you plenty of time to chill, which is all we really care about.

3 – “Frozen Planet: Spring”

Nothing like watching some adorable penguins waddling around when you want to Netflix and chill. The penguins are finally getting some sunshine, and it’s about time you got some ‘sunshine’ for yourself – play this episode and it’ll sunny as mid day in July in no time.

4 – “Planet Earth: Seasonal Forests”

Shows you use to Netflix and chill to need to be quiet and not attract too much attention, and this episode fits the bill just fine. Whenever have you heard a ton of noise in a forest?

Okay, besides a rain forest or one that’s being chopped down so Tonya and Rafael can have the dining room table of their dreams, forests are pretty quiet, and just about every frame is dead silent, except for our pal David’s hushed voice. If you want to watch a show and then not watch it at all, this is a good one.

5 – “Life: Hunters and Hunted”

Animals are always on the hunt, and if you’re going to Netflix and chill, the hunt is just about over, making this a perfect nature show to have playing quietly on TV while you avoid it or are in another room altogether. You can’t go wrong with a nature show, and if you prefer it to be centered around animals rather than the nature around them, check out this episode.

See, finding the right show to ‘watch’ isn’t so difficult. You don’t have to think about what your hookup likes or hates when you’ve got these shows that everyone loves, and when you’re past the ‘Netflix’ phase, you can seamlessly transition to the ‘chill’ phase, the second, and final half of the incredible journey that is Netflix and chill.