The Fuckbook Review [ Read This First ]

Usually when someone creates something that is innovative and completely new to everyone, someone else tries to capitalize off that hype by making a replica or a one-off of whatever the invention or idea was; on occasion, these ripoffs are actually better than the original.

When Mark Zuckerberg was in the midst of building Facebook (known back then as The Facebook) at Harvard, no one else knew about it – how could you? You can’t parody or create an alternate version of something you don’t know exists.

Once Facebook became open to the public, lone developers around the globe got to work making their own parodies of the site, whether for fun, to catch people who misspelled Facebook’s URL, or to create an alternate service for people to use.

If Facebook just isn’t cutting it, or you want to interact online with people who aren’t related to you, there is an adult version of Facebook out there you can try: The Fuckbook. Keeping “The” in the name helps distinguish it from Zuckerberg’s site, but reminds people of the old Facebook days, back when parents weren’t ruining it.

In case you didn’t get it from the name, this site is all about helping people connect and hookup; you can theoretically talk about whatever you want on the site, but no one’s going to want to talk about the state of global health when you’re logged into The Fuckbook.

What do you do on The Fuckbook, though?

It’s what you think you’d do.

Chat with people, make friends, and create posts, all of which are related to sex in one way or another. Post about your need for a third partner if you’ve got an open relationship like that, or share sexy pictures of yourself.

You can message instantly with multiple people, so you can have sexy group chats with intimate online friends and share your experiences and stories in a safe setting. This isn’t just some random site that connects you with random people who may or may not be in your area; these are people you may know, only it’s generally accepted that no one acknowledges The Fuckbook’s existence outside of The Fuckbook, so there’s no awkwardness when you meet in public or when you check into your actual Facebook account.

What happens in The Fuckbook, stays in The Fuckbook.

The Fuckbook is different from porn sites in that it’s user-generated content, and it doesn’t get as graphic as porn sites, although there is adult content definitely not suitable for anyone under 18. It’s also highly regulated so nothing illegal or violent or otherwise not appropriate makes it’s way onto the site, as surely there will be people who sign in with the intent to distress other people rather than have a safe, fun experience like everyone else.

Of course, when you post content to the site, you’re at risk of having someone take it and post it elsewhere, although there are safeguards to help prevent that (which may not work if that person is especially tech-savvy or motivated enough). The Fuckbook tries to ensure users’ safety and security, but when you’re on the internet, you’re never 100% secure.

That being said, The Fuckbook is actually pretty damn safe and congenial when you login; you’re not going to get a flood of messages or coming in from weird horny people, as the people you connect with are likely to be people you already know.

You can follow pages that talk about sex, whether it’s about new positions, or even FAQ’s. You can share some of your awkward moments in bed, or you can ask your friends what their favorite positions or toys are; The Fuckbook is about connecting as much as it is about learning about sex and discovering new things or even just finding a new hookup to end your dry spell.

Your profile doesn’t look too different from Facebook, as is the point, but the content is definitely not what you’d see on Facebook, or any site that isn’t related to porn in some way. Selfies on The Fuckbook are going to be sexy ones, selfies where you show some skin or wear something promiscuous.

Your bio won’t include things like your job or where you went to school; this section focuses on what you like sexually, whether it’s male or female partners, the style of sex, favorite positions, or anything else you’d care to mention about your sex life and personal preferences.

Are you single, in an open relationship, or looking for a third wheel? Indicate that too.

Users can post nudes or even videos of them having sex or doing something sexy, but in case you’re not into what other people post, photos and videos are blurred until you rest the cursor over it, so that way you don’t need to scroll through your feed really fast or avoid logging in altogether.

There are various pages and content creators you can follow on The Fuckbook, ones that will post about new sex trends or share the hottest users of the day and things of that nature. In fact, these pages allow users to expand their horizons a bit and even meet some new people who may live hundreds or thousands of miles away.

For all you know, you may find a new partner or even just some to sext with; you never know what you’re going to get when you login to The Fuckbook.

The Fuckbook is an adult social networking site that takes the good things from Facebook (the general layout, chat functions, video and photo sharing) adds them to a social network of people who want to interact online in a sexual manner. You may be getting down and dirty or simply testing the sexual waters, but when you’re The Fuckbook, that is what’s expected.

If you login just to chat, people are going to think you’re pretty weird (but they might like that).  If you’re looking for a fuckbook alternative, check out the world’s #1 Meet and Fuck Site and hook up tonight!

Tips for Adult Dating Newbies

Don’t think of this as a guide to getting back into the dating world after a long relationship; this is strictly for single adults who want to have fun with various partners without having to commit to each other; ‘adult dating’ is really Hookups 101. Millennials know this stuff by heart, and it’s time older generations get in on the game.

This listicle serves as a guide for single adults who want to have sex but aren’t really down with the whole ‘relationship’ thing, or at least want a break before meeting someone special. Your game might be a little rusty, or you simply want to expand your horizons and hookup with someone totally new; either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is everything beginners need to know about adult dating; pretty basic guidelines, but it’s better to know the course before you play.

It’s Just Sex, So Go For Someone You Want To Sleep With

Adult dating isn’t necessarily two adults meeting together to see if they’re compatible; adults can have just as much fun as younger generations do. If you’re seeing someone, there’s no rush to commit, but just make sure that they’re not waiting around for you to make things official when you just want something casual and noncommittal.

So, who should you look for? Well, you should try to hookup with whoever you think is most attractive; hookups are all about pleasure and satisfaction, so grab someone who you think is particularly cute or sexy, or whatever physical qualities that float your boat.

If you end up falling for each other, well that’s just an added bonus (although beware that this doesn’t happen often in the hookup realm, and it usually doesn’t end well for either of you).

When it comes to adult dating, the only requirement you need to meet is being physically attracted to someone. Once you check that box, it’s off to the races.

Look Your Best, Put On Positive Vibes

Whether you had a rough day at work or not, put on a good show for your date; look good, look confident, have fun, and make them feel comfortable with you. If they have a fun time with you, you’ll certainly have a fun time a little later.

The whole point of hooking up, even if you’re adults, is to have fun and have sex without the commitment and all aspects that come along with legitimate relationships; even if you don’t plan on seeing each other again, have fun together and just enjoy the moment.

You can’t feel bad about looking back on positive memories, so go ahead and keep the vibe care-free.

Even Though You Might Not See Each Other Again, Go Some Place Nice

It’s boring and not sexy to just ask someone to hookup and not do anything else beforehand; even if you plan on deleting their number, take them out for drinks or a bite to eat. When you take a potential hookup out for drinks or something to eat, you’re allowing yourselves time to build some chemistry and face it, it would be awkward as hell to have sex with some random person you barely know without doing anything else before sex.

That is, unless you’re both into that.

Don’t Get To Know Every Detail About Their Life – Just Scrape The Surface

When people have sex in a hookup situation, it can be hard not to develop feelings for the other person as you spend time together and inevitably get to know one another, at least a little bit. It happens to the best of us, but it’s in your best interest not to get to know them and learn intimate details about their life; if you’ve reached that point, you’re no longer just hooking up, you’re essentially dating.

To keep from getting your wires crossed, only meet up on weekends or just a few times a month. Also, meet up in social settings, rather than bringing in takeout to their place; you’re heading into relationship territory when you hang out together alone.

If you want to have noncommittal sex that’s fun and refreshing, don’t let any dating characteristics slip into the hookup you’ve got going on. Oh, and when you meet up, you don’t even have to chat – just get right to it; it is a hookup, after all.

Don’t Text Each Other, Unless It’s To Coordinate

To keep the hookup a hookup, you need to go against your dating instincts and basically act like the partner who doesn’t care; if both of you play that game, no one will get attached and thus, no one gets hurt. If you haven’t seen each other in a while, send a text asking if they’re free that night, but never text them to strike up a conversation.

Now, if they text you and it’s not a sext or asking if you’re free to meet, either ignore the message completely or diffuse the situation appropriately – your heart may flutter at their interest in you, but trust me, you don’t want to get attached.

Leave It All In Bed

It’s only a hookup, but that doesn’t mean you get to skip the whole ‘effort’ part; make sure both of you have a great time in bed. The better the sex, the more fun you’ll have, and that’s pretty much the point of this idea; hookups are a nice stress reliever, they’re relaxing and fun, and make you feel refreshed.

If you’ve had a terrible day or week or year, just leave it at the door and pretend that world doesn’t exist anymore; all you’re doing now is hooking up.

Don’t Rush Into Figuring Things Out

If you never discussed what you two ‘are’, it can be tricky if you’ve been hooking up for a while. Millennials typically end hookups after a few months tops, as that keeps people from getting attached and makes the separation a lot easier – no broken hearts that way.

That being said, people get confused or send the wrong message all the time, but if you make your intentions clear from the beginning, no one will get attached. If you end up really liking each other, well, that’s a bridge you’ll have to cross when you get there.